I was born in the birthplace of the frozen margarita, spent my childhood eating Kid Cuisines and powdered sugar Dutch babies every Saturday morning, and I now likely eat as much pasta as Massimo Bottura (editor's note: this was Mario Batali pre-cinnamon roll sexual misconduct allegations-- now it's another M.B. Italian chef who I hope will never disappoint us). I am a twenty two year old girl from Texas who started this blog in 2015 as I taught myself how to cook! I started being enamored with cooking after watching MasterChef Junior in the winter of 2014. If these tiny, precious children could cook salt-crusted branzino, why couldn't I? Though I have not yet attempted salt-crusted branzino, I've tried some pretty ambitious dishes and I have created a confident cook out of myself over the last two years. When I'm in the kitchen, I'm both excited and totally at peace. I love working with my hands, figuring out problems with dishes, and eating food I've made with people I love. That's truly when I'm happiest. A long table, my closest friends, and a menu I've created and cooked over the last few hours (or even an entire day!) Food is medicine, food is comfort, food is love. Through this blog, I've found something I love to do and something I would love to turn into a career. 

And since I know you'd like to know...

The Best Foods In The Universe, According To Me: cacio e pepe, brisket tacos, fresh mozzarella and good olive oil, spaghetti carbonara, crispy fried eggs, soft-boiled eggs, crackly fresh baguettes, French onion soup, buttermilk pie, frozen margaritas, bagels & lox & all the fixins, Roquefort, Italian heroes but only when they're DYNAMITE