another french meal?

The main course was Lemon Chicken with Croutons. This looked marvelous when it was brought out but the illusion was quickly shattered when I realized I had no idea how to carve a chicken and nobody else did either. I watched a few Youtube videos at the table (just like Ina does~!!!!!!) but ended up just hacking at the chicken and putting all the meat on a plate that people just took from….yikes. Still don’t know how to carve a chicken. But this was a really good chicken. The juices get all into the croutons mmmmmmmm it was good.


This was supposed to be Endive, Orange, and Roquefort salad but I quickly nixed the endive when I actually started to work with it. I used baby spinach instead and it turned out to be a great summery salad. It has a really nice orange vinaigrette and has chunks of apples and oranges in it alongside toasted walnuts and blue cheese. Two thumbs up! Zero thumbs up for endive!


Garlic Mashed Potatoes which gave me HELL. I tried to use our food mill which hadn’t been used in probably fifteen years and it wasn’t working and then I tried the hand mixer and potatoes were getting everywhere then I tried the food processor and it couldn’t hold all the potatoes so I did it in batches and there were potatoes on like seven different dishes and approximately every single inch of the kitchen. But they were good. Albeit unphotogenic.


And I brought it home with….PROFITEROLES. My sister has been wanting me to make these forever and they did not disappoint. What a perfect dessert. And surprisingly easy to make! FIVE HUNDRED THUMBS UP


All from the Barefoot in Paris cookbook except the salad which is BC Foolproof.