chicken breasts dijon

Boneless skinless chicken breasts need quite a bit to catch anyone’s eye. But I had some, and I had to use them!!!! I was intrigued by Bon Appetit’s recipe for Chicken Breasts Dijon, mainly because I had most of the ingredients. Which was more than I could say for any other ones. I had to modify a bit of the timing and ingredients since I was only making one serving, not 4.


It was not the most beautiful dish, but it was very very tasty. The sauce of sauteed onions with Dijon was almost sweet, and I’m sure it would be even better with the leeks and white wine. Very good! And an exciting way to prepare a boring piece of meat. Also shout-out to my mom for visiting me this weekend and bringing me a boatload of fresh herbs. My herb garden died a looong time ago.