french press foam

The bakery that I work at is equipped with an espresso machine. Though I still sort of dread when someone asks me to make them a beverage for fear of screwing it up, I like that I know how to work one. And when you get to work at 6 am, it’s good to know how to make yourself a fancy, strong espresso drink. The whole thing has made me very fascinated with nice foam, but alas, our handheld milk frother at home broke long before this interest began.

I was devastated, of course–UNTIL TODAY, when I discovered that a French press creates BEAUTIFUL and nearly foolproof foam. You just pop your milk in the microwave for a minute, then pump it with the French press until it’s foamy. I concentrated the pumps near the top of the milk so I would have some warm milk at the bottom of the carafe to pour into my coffee, topped with lovely shiny foam.


How did it take me so long to discover this? Had everyone else known this all along? I don’t even care, man, I’m excited!!!!! Game changer.