french toast

My first fancy breakfast in the new kitchen! I never DON’T eat breakfast, but it’s always oatmeal or English muffins or something, after I swore off cereal for at least some while (I guess I never realized that ~3 bowls a day was actually super bad for me). But this is a nice and fancy (yet quick) long weekend breakfast.


Working in a bakery has made me an enormous bread snob. This summer I would constantly come home with free loaves of the most amazing bread, and now that I’m at school and currently unemployed (at a bakery or otherwise), I have to buy my own bread from the GROCERY STORE. I hated myself as I gazed down upon the HEB loaves and turned up my SNOBBY NOSE. I think I’ll be a snob forever.

I know in my head that during this long weekend, I need to “meal plan” for the upcoming week, but dammit it is HARD and there are NO Ina Garten cheap meal plans on the internet. Things are spoiling before I can use them and it’s stressing me out and it’s very difficult to shop for one. I’ll figure it out. As people do.