fusilli alla vodka

From the first time I heard about their home-style but refined Italian food, Jon & Vinny’s in Los Angeles has been on my restaurant bucket list. I had eyed this fusilli recipe of theirs featured on Bon Appetit for a while now, but just decided to make it tonight. I don’t make fusilli…like ever. I don’t even think my mom used to make it. We are so set in our pasta ways, I’m telling you. We have got to branch out.

Fusilli is so much fun! Especially when slathered in an insane vodka sauce! Unlike my other favorite vodka sauce, my beloved penne alla vecchia bettola, this came together in under 2 hours- that is, 15 minutes or so. Interestingly enough, its base is tomato paste- not a whole or crushed tomato in sight! It makes for a lovely rich sauce, perfectly sweet and spicy at once. This hit the spot and quenched my thirst for Jon & Vinny’s for the moment…but I’m gonna come for ya one day!