garlicky chicken with lemon-anchovy sauce

When I was about ten, I cooked a chicken piccata nearly by myself. My parents praised me for it so I quickly declared it my signature dish. I was Sophie, the Chicken Piccata cookin gal! You remember her, of course, she made that chicken piccata once! I have never cooked it again, but this tangy, lemony, caper-y chicken dish reminded me of an upgraded version of what I cooked all those years ago……..

I got real obsessed with Melissa Clark of the New York Times dining section this week. The other night I watched nearly all of her videos with almost the same intensity that I did when I first started watching Barefoot Contessa. That is, a grand intensity.


This is Melissa’s recipe (yes, I feel like we’re first-name basis at this point). They’re chicken thighs cooked in a pan sauce of lemon juice, garlic, anchovies, capers, and red pepper flakes. I served it family-style with an arugula salad all on one platter- I think it looks really pretty that way, especially because a few chicken thighs aren’t much to look at by themselves. And of course, a perfect Village Baking Company baguette to soak up those pan juices. I got a new permanent retainer today for the first time since I got my braces off (i.e. a very long time ago) and this baguette may have just screwed that retainer up already! A good baguette should ruin your jaw, and this one does- in a delicious way. Baguette plug over.

I’m talking a lot, but this was a really good chicken dish. And it didn’t help that five chicken thighs cost THREE DOLLARS AND NINETY-SEVEN CENTS. I screamed. Might only be eating chicken thighs from now on. God bless the thigh.