lemony leek meatballs

Sami Tomimi and Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook “Jerusalem” is a smash hit, and rightfully deserved. The book is full of the brightest, most beautiful photographs of the colorful food of Israel. I have a list of dishes I want to make from it, but this was the first one I attempted– primarily, it used ingredients available at Trader Joe’s (no need to drive far and wide looking for a particular spice that would make or break a dish) and secondly, because it sounded delicious.

I first started to love leeks over the summer, when I first tried the leek quiche at the bakery I work at. When my stomach rumbled during my seven hour shift and I couldn’t bring myself to eat another croissant (the only way this sentence is not blasphemous is if you ate the amount of croissants I did), I would stealthily go for the leek quiche. It’s an insanely delicious quiche. But that’s another story.

These meatballs are quite the lengthy production, but they made for a pleasant Saturday project in my kitchen. They are a bright and citrusy version of an old favorite- more leek than meat, actually. I’ve stowed the whole batch in my freezer and will whip it out to make more of these naan meatball subs- garlic naan (thanks Trader Joe’s), plain Greek yogurt, parsley garnish. Yum.