I’ve wanted to make mejadra from the Jerusalem cookbook for a while now, mainly because I am passionate about onions in all of their many forms, but especially fried. I took a few liberties with the amount and variety of spices involved in this dish because I am NOT rolling in spice money, but it still turned out delicious. Mejadra is a traditional Arab comfort food dish consisting of rice, lentils, spices, and fried onions.


I used basmati rice which is always a good call, as well as green lentils. I didn’t quite follow  the instructions and basically cooked all the components separately, then sauteed them together in the skillet. It turned out delicious and saved me a bit of time. I also eyeballed most of the measurements since I am not good at translating a six person recipe to a one person recipe. Anyway. I would recommend this and will make it again. Comfort food from other cultures is healthy, right?!?!