ricotta gnudi

Otherwise known as: They Can’t All Be Winners.

Gnudi, though I wasn’t familiar with it until I searched for a recipe to use up some ricotta we had lying around, is sort of like the inside of gnocchi. A “nude” gnocchi. Much like a dumpling. I was quite excited to tackle this ambitious recipe a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, due to either my skills or the recipe, these were NOT GREAT. I used Bon Appetit’s recipe for the pomodoro sauce as well as the gnudi, and neither were a knockout. The sauce called for what seemed like a TON of olive oil– half a cup– and I ended up having to strain a lot of it off.

It was just a weird dinner. And hard to make. How the hell are you supposed to successfully transfer ricotta footballs to a pot of boiling water?? Thankfully we had a great deal of cheese and bread that day to stave off the hunger. Sorry for trying new things, family!

However, I must soldier on! Nothing is a wasted experience! Everything adds to my life’s treasure chest! Even failed gnudi!