silver dollar latkes

My only latke-cooking memories (separate from latke-eating memories) involve my mom and her friends standing around a deep fryer outside in the freezing cold at a Hanukkah party and I wasn’t allowed to be near the deep fryer. So not much tender teaching-of-the-latke-cooking was done when I was growing up. There were too many risks of burning the child with hot oil. That being said, this was my first time ever making latkes. And by my LONESOME, at that! My good friend Kobi (hi Kobi!!!!) was cooking up a little Hanukkah dinner and we decided to pit our latkes against one another.


Latke making is incredibly therapeutic during finals week. You get into such a rhythm squeezing out potato water and shaping little latke disks and hearing sizzling oil…it was honestly lovely. And I tasted one (going to the dinner in about 15 minutes) and they are DELISH! I’m quite proud of myself.

I used a combination of this and this recipe, because my only Jewish grandmother has never cooked a thing in her life and thus, did not pass down a recipe from generations past. I think these turned out pretty great!




P.S. Shout out to Kira, perhaps the most loyal of the 4 fans of this blog.