toasted coconut marshmallows

We’ve all seen the Stanford delayed gratification marshmallow experiment videos in Psychology 101– a child gets to eat one marshmallow immediately or wait 15 minutes alone with the marshmallow without eating it…and get 2 marshmallows. Had the researchers been using these, might I say phenomenal homemade marshmallows, I think there would be far more children failing the test.

I got super into marshmallow making during the holidays. I first made them (using Ina Garten’s recipe) for the box I made for my Food 52 holiday swap-ee. I packed her box full of goodies then sneakily ate what was left of the marshmallows I made for her. And I’m telling you..homemade marshmallows are otherworldly. Decadent but light as a feather, completely melting in your mouth, the most beautiful sweetness! I was hooked on making them and couldn’t wait to try Ina’s toasted coconut version, pictured below.

The addition of toasted coconut (one of my favorite ingredients…ever) makes these almost like a real dessert. Couldn’t you imagine it at a trendy restaurant with a tiny espresso cup full of the richest hot chocolate you’ve ever had? I’m kind of loving that idea just for a dinner party of my own. A pack of these make wonderful hostess gifts or a sweet homemade gift during the holidays, and they are so easy to make.