where's my STEAK?

I have my fair share of weird meat issues, but sometimes I just need a big hunk of red meat. And it consumes me until I can eat a big hunk of red meat.

I made a nice luxurious lil steak dinner for my roommate and I tonight after the Longhorns lost another football game. Everyone seemed to be upset about the refs so I will say FUCK THE REFS! I CALL BULLSHIT ON THOSE REFS!!! REFFFFFFS! With every football game I learn a little more about football but still fail to understand why anyone cares so much about it. Anyway. Steak.


This was my first time cooking steak, and I used Ina’s “Steakhouse Steaks” recipe with her Roquefort Chive sauce. She uses filet mignons but I used sirloin. It got REAL smoky in the cast iron skillet, but the fire alarm was thankfully not set off (miraculously). They came out a little too done for my liking, but I’ll just have to play around and see. I didn’t really expect to get a perfect cook of meat on my first try ever. It wasn’t as charred as it looks in the picture; it was in fact, edible. The fries were frozen and the sauce was amazing, but how could it be anything but. Cheese + cream + herbs= thumbs up emoji. Full disclosure, I did use parsley instead of chives. Ya gurl isn’t about to drop a couple of bucks for one tablespoon of chives.