a weird quinoa bowl

I’m not a huge fan of eating healthy. My general eating philosophy is “this isn’t that bad,” having little to no regrets when I actually do eat something that bad, and working out frequently. I just find healthy food incredibly boring and I don’t like most vegetables. But I decided to try something actually healthy tonight, and made a quinoa bowl. In it was avocado, sweet potato, garlic, scallions, and a poached egg, topped with lime juice and lots of pepper and flaky salt. Kind of a strange combo but it was all I had.


As far as healthy things go, it was pretty good, except for there was just A LOT of it and it made it kind of tedious to keep eating something I wasn’t totally stoked about eating in the first place. This was a half cup of quinoa and cooked into a HUGE amount of quinoa, so I’ll probably halve it next time I make it.

I sound like I’m talking a lot of smack about this quinoa bowl, but it was really quite good. It’s just out of the comfort zone, you know. Until next time, healthy things!