new year's eve


This was the New Year’s dinner I cooked last night. Menu: popovers, French onion soup, arugula salad with blue cheese and walnuts, and chocolate silk pie. It was just lil Kobi in town so we ate pretty fine. Look how happy he looks!


The popovers were a Rebecca Rather recipe, who owned a wonderful bakery and restaurant in Fredericksburg, TX. Her cookbooks are great and she seems like a stand-up gal. I first had popovers last New Year’s Eve and I was excited to try to make them myself. They’re very simple if you have the right pan.

The French onion soup was my standby Ina recipe that I’ve made a few times before. One of these days when I have lots of money that I’m willing to spend on Gruyere, I’m going to really broil it- like cover it in so much cheese that it spills over the edge and all over the top and then broil the hell outta it! Like a restaurant. But today was not that day, sadly. It was still delicious. The salad was Ina’s Warm Fig + Arugula salad minus the fig, and the pie was a Smitten Kitchen recipe, who I just love. I’ve been wanting to make it forever and it was heavenly. No baking required, light and airy but so delightfully chocolatey with not even that much chocolate. I’ll definitely be making this again.

Happy new year! Wahoo!