roasted salmon with green herbs + cast-iron charred corn

“You are so easy to please…such a sweet spirit…” -my mom today

This was a thrilling day for me. I’m preparing for my kitchen for this upcoming school year and I have to accumulate my necessary supplies. I’ve been workin’ like a DOG lately and I used this day off very well, getting my own set of measuring spoons, a gadget to make my fried eggs perfectly round (luv u forever bed bath and beyond!!!!), and a CAST IRON SKILLET!!! My dad picked up a French press and that was also fun to try, then I went to the community garden and scooped up a shit ton of herbs that also made me super excited.

I hadn’t cooked in a while, aside from prepping some dishes for my dad’s birthday party the other day (and then taking care of a pre-party hor d’oeuvres nightmare). So this is what I came back to cooking with, armed with my BRAND NEW SKILLET.


I made Ina’s Roasted Salmon with Green Herbs (scallions, dill, parsley) and a recipe for charred skillet corn from Garden and Gun (recipe here), which I adapted a bit (no cream because creamed corn ain’t really any of my family’s thing). It was sooo good. The corn gets so sweet and the bacon and onions don’t hurt either.


Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday and I’m making a big-ass pot of matzo ball soup. I had the stock simmering on the right side of the burner and the corn cooking on the left, and I told my mom I felt like an old Southern grandmother with my skillet and an old Jewish grandmother with my pot of to-be matzo balls.