salmon with lemon herb spaghetti

My first real meal! I approached this meal right off the heels of my first failed dessert in quite some time. I had attempted Ina Garten’s Decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake and ended up with a flat, bitter-chocolatey disaster, but I tried not to let it dishearten me too much. This was what I made my family for dinner tonight: salmon on a bed of lemony spaghetti with a lemon-herb butter sauce on top of the fish.

I am a big fat BABY when it comes to fish, but I always love a good salmon. This was actually my first time handling a raw salmon myself and I think I’ve successfully conquered my small fear of touching raw meat. For now. All I did to prepare the salmon was brush it with olive oil as well as some good salt and pepper, then broiled it for about fifteen minutes. I took a small shortcut and tossed the spaghetti with an amazing salad dressing my aunt made for a dinner party we threw yesterday– I don’t know what exactly was in it, but it was lemony and fantastic.


To top the fish, I used this sauce recipe (minus the dill and chives because HEY! I didn’t have any. It was still good). Overall, this was a pretty manageable (and quite delicious) recipe for my first dinner in this cooking odyssey. I’m pretty proud of handling a salmon. My mom passed down a lot of meat issues to my sister and I.

And just for shits and giggles, here is the lovely display of cupcakes I made for aforementioned dinner party (my plan B after the disastrous cake). I made Martha Stewart’s One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes, which is my go-to recipe. I also made Ina Garten’s lemon bars. If any lemon bar I eat reminds me of the perfect ones served at every fancy reception that my high school had, I count it as a success.


– Sophie