un grand repas français

The other day, I finally got the Barefoot in Paris cookbook, which I had been dying to have ever since I started this whole thing. It was one of three Barefoot cookbooks we don’t own and perhaps the one I wanted the most. I’ve been itching to cook from it ever since. TODAY WAS THE DAY. Everything finished at the exact same time so I was crazy stressed at the end but it turned out pretty well.


This is called Chicken With Forty Cloves of Garlic. The first time I read those words I nearly fell out of my chair with glee. Make it fifty, sixty, one hundred cloves of garlic. The more garlic the better. So I couldn’t wait to make this. It was so good. The garlic cooks with the chicken then you add cognac, cream, flour, etc. to make an amazing amazing sauce that I was putting on everything in sight. I got into such a zen state peeling those forty cloves of garlic. I may never get the garlic smell off of my hands but honestly, that would only be a problem for the people around me.



Herbed New Potatoes. The flavor was good (thanks to freshly picked herbs from my mom’s community garden HOW INA AM I??) but the potatoes were ROCK HARD even though I followed the recipe! I roasted them in the oven for a bit but it didn’t help much. Oh well. Learning experience.


Haricots Verts with roasted vegetables. I am twenty years old and still hate vegetables but I did eat about four of these.


Chocolate Orange Mousse. All I have to say is YAS. The Grand Marnier proved to be a bit too strong for my little sister but I thought it was damn good.