raspberry jam buns

Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (the ones stuffed mercilessly into a cardboard tube) were one of my favorite treats as a kid. We got to buy them so rarely that it felt like the heavens had opened when that weird little tube was in our fridge. That tiny sugary cup of icing was an exercise in restraint and rationing. Like most children, my sister and I would want to eat all of the icing before the rolls even came out of the oven. 

These raspberry jam buns from Julia Turshen's Small Victories are a major upgrade. I have grown to love making yeasted dough, for both the relaxation and the science of it. It's a cool process, and y'all know I love taking on slightly complicated recipes (just slightly).


I made these buns a few months ago and they did not disappoint. The unbaked pictures were much prettier, but the taste was fabulous. Raspberry jam is literally one of my number one favorite foods, so these buns were right up my alley. They are topped with a glaze made primarily of creme fraiche, and the slightly-sour tang is perfect with such a sweet breakfast bun. Julia also has a chocolate cake in this book whose frosting is sour cream-based. A tangy frosting literally makes all the difference for people who don't love an aggressive sweet on sweet combo, which I often don't. 


You must buy Small Victories if you haven't already-- it has become an absolute favorite cookbook of mine over the last few months. Perfect for beginner, intermediate, or advanced home cooks. 

- Sophie