breakfast salad

My relationship with breakfast has historically been one of the better ones in my life. It's consistent, it's loving, it's devoted. My relationship with salad has been slightly less passionate. Like most people, I don't hate salad—I'd just rather have most anything else for lunch (don't even get me started on Only Salad For Dinner). I had a bad habit of buying a bag of arugula with the best of intentions— a salad with every lunch and dinner that week. The salad doesn't have to be big, I told myself! It doesn't even have to be half of your plate! Just eat some green leaves! Inevitably after two weeks, I'd be throwing away another bag of wet green slime that I fully chose to ignore in the vegetable crisper. 

I had seen the concept of a breakfast salad before and naturally rolled my eyes. There was already enough pressure for me to be eating salad for my two other meals! Why did I have to bring it in before 9 AM? Alison Roman sings the praises of a breakfast salad in Dining In. But she also said chocolate chip cookies were "deeply flawed," so why should we trust her?! I jest. I would trust her with my life; her anti-chocolate chip cookies have been the best part of my January.

So there I was, another bag of unopened arugula in my fridge. I thought of Alison's book. I thought of how much I love soft-boiled eggs. I opened the arugula and set a pot of water on to boil. I made a six-and-a-half minute egg, dressed my arugula lightly in olive oil and apple cider vinegar, sprinkled some Maldon and pepper across the salad, spread some toast with butter, and dug in.

IMG_7929 (1).jpg

To my surprise, I was INTO IT. I love breakfast, but I often feel like I have exhausted my realistic and quick weekday breakfast options. There's only so many ways I can combine eggs and bread, only so many bowls of oatmeal I can eat without collapsing into bored moans. While there's a million different lunch and dinner options I want to try instead of salad, salad for breakfast was intriguing, new, and fun. It took no time at all to prepare and I had completed my self-imposed greens quota before I'd even finished my first cup of coffee. Also, buttered toast goes beautifully with salad.

Today was my third day as a passenger on the Breakfast Salad Train, and I'm not getting off any time soon. In fact, I may even finish a bag of arugula.